Missouri SR22 Insurance Filing

What is an SR-22 filing?

An SR-22 insurance filing is a special proof insurance form issued by an insurance company and filed with the Missouri Department of Revenue. The SR-22 filing certifies that you have motor vehicle liability insurance coverage that meets the minimum requirements of Missouri's financial responsibility law. Your SR-22 remains valid as long as the coverage of your SR-22 auto insurance policy remains in effect.

Why do I need an SR-22 to get my Missouri driver license reinstated?

The short answer: Because Missouri law requires it.

The long answer: Missouri law provides that a Missouri driver license shall not be reinstated after being suspended or revoked unless and until the driver has "filed proof of financial responsibility with the Department of Revenue."

That means that a driver eligible for reinstatement first must file "proof of financial responsibility" with the Department of Revenue Driver License Bureau to get their Missouri driver license reinstated.

Missouri's Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law provides that a "certificate of insurance" satisfying its requirements shall constitute "proof of financial responsibility." An SR-22 satisfies all MVFRL requirements.

An SR-22 is the "proof of financial responsibility" that must be filed for a suspended or revoked Missouri driver license to be reinstated.

How long must I maintain an active SR-22 proof of insurance filing?

In Missouri, a SR-22 filing must remain active for 2 or 3 years, depending on why your driver license was suspended or revoked.

    2 Years. You must maintain an active SR-22 insurance filing with the Missouri Department of Revenue Driver License Bureau for two (2) years from date the SR-22 was required and your license was reinstated after being suspended / revoked for one or more of the following violations:

  • Points | Traffic Ticket Point Suspension / Revocation for Non-Alcohol Moving Violations (speeding, stop sign, careless and imprudent, etc.)
  • Points | Alcohol-Related Moving Violation Suspension / Revocation (DWI, DUI, BAC, vehicular manslaughter, etc.)
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Judgment
  • DWI Administrative Alcohol (adult blew .08% or more)
  • DWI Zero Tolerance (minor blew .02% or more)
  • DWI Refusal to Submit to an Alcohol/Drug Test
  • Repeat DWI Five-Year License Denial
  • Repeat DWI Ten-Year License Denial

3 Years. If your driver license was suspended for False Insurance or Mandatory Insurance violations, you must maintain an active SR-22 insurance filing for three years from the date the SR-22 was required and your license was reinstated.

What does an SR-22 look like?

Sample Missouri SR22 Filing
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